Ideas for Restore Berkline Sofa

Jun 2nd

Berkline sofa is a solid and attractive option for interior decoration. Their famous durability makes them a candidate to recover when their fabric becomes worn. Rather than throwing them out, as you might have a lower quality sofa, Berkline sofas have an inner structure that makes the trouble of recovering the couch definitely worth it. The process requires only very basic tools and can be done with almost any thick fabric. The final appearance will depend on the way the fabric is stretched, which can be changed as desired during the installation.

Stylish Berkline Sofa
Stylish Berkline Sofa

Ideas for restore Berkline sofa. Turn the sofa on the head so its legs stick in the air. Screw your legs and put them aside. Pull each of the staples under the couch using a booklet puller. Pull back the sofa fabric; rip any seams with a spinner if necessary. Continue to take the fabric until it is completely off the couch, cut it with a scissors if necessary for complete removal. Spread removed the fabric and measured its dimensions. Cut a new piece of fabric that is at least 1 yard larger than the old fabric. Spread the new fabric over the couch.

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Tuck the new structure throughout the sofa seat. Push it all the way to the wooden frame and place it firmly in place against the frame and out of sight using a carpentry stapler. Staple the fabric on the back crack of the seat and both sides crawl between the armrests. Stretch the fabric down over the front of the Berkline sofa.